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Member School Engagement

Easily build your brand & international student revenue

Our users just what you are looking for… but they probably don’t even know you exist!

Wigsbury Membership offers an unbeatable ROI & powerful, targeted reach

Targeted Delivery

We deliver. Literally!
Students & schools recieve regular, timely advice into their inbox

Powerful Brand Building

Forget Agents… & Google!
We build your brand across our platform ensuring strong ROI.

3rd Party Endorsement

People listen to our experts.
There is nothing more effective than an expert recommendation.

Inquiry Conversion

Get a direct line to perfect students.
Build strong relationships leading to positive results.

What’s included in a Wigsbury Membership?

We’re on a mission to overdeliver!

We know that the secret to our success is to give you more than you could ever to expect! Take a look:


Exclusive Video Interview

Your Wigsbury video interview will be shared with over 3,000 IB Diploma schools across the globe. Take a look at an active interview page.


Wigsbury Ultimate Guide Features

Our Ultimate Guides are focused, just in time and incredibly powerful. Your membership includes a featured position. Visit the guide.


Powerful Profile Pages, Everywhere!

Our custom crafted Course Profile Pages provide the information students n eed in a way they can understand it! Course profiles are stand alone and embedded in Ultimate Guides.


'Ask an Expert' Recommendations

Sometimes simple is best! Students ask for help and we support, and, where appropriate, recommed our members! Take a look… 


Webinar Involvement

The 2022/23 school year will see the launch of Wigsbury webinars and you’ll be invited!


Direct Contact Links

Direct links to your team are embedded across throughout your profile and interview pages allowing potential students to easily contact you.


Loads more coming!

No Commission Fees, No Add ons,
1 Annual Membership Fee

Simply a better ROI than agents & Google Ads

Questions? Get in touch…

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