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Introducing wigsbury basecamp

Provide more to the students you support

And by doing so, save yourself time so that you can focus on adding value.

The Wigsbury Basecamp is designed to support students in a way that works for them

Engaging, powerful content

With loads of short videos, checklists and quizzes supplementing substantive written content, Wigsbury delivers content which is designed for busy, distracted students.

Information when your students need it

Just-in-time content delivery on a month by month basis keeps the site fresh and helps students focus on what is really important.

Simple & easy access on any device

Wigsbury services are designed to work on any device, anywhere. No excuses!

Built by experts with your school in mind

Designed with your community in mind, our team of internationally renowned experts have created something very special!

All delivered with no admin chores for you!

We have designed Wigsbury services for counselors to be unbelievely easy to use. Just share a single login with your students and forward the monthly newsletter through your school’s emaIl system. Simple, safe and effective.

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This month in Wigsbury Basecamp

basecamp newsletters

Dropping straight into their mailbox.

Press the Forward Button and share a bit of motivation, hope or even inspiration with the students you support.

Monthly newsletters that keep everyone engaged

Easily keep everyone going in the right direction.

Parent Newsletters

Designed to impress & engage.

Student Newsletters

Keeping students on track.

Faculty Updates

Making sure everyone is aligned.

wigsbury zoom in

Sharp focus provided by experts who care.

In depth interviews that ask the right people, the right question. A powerful resource connecting your community to the people who make decisions.

The Wigsbury Zoom In give students and your community a powerful perspective.

Providing real insight

Interviews designed to dig a lot deeper. Wigsbury Zoom In asks experts all the questions that your students would have forgotten to ask!

Reinforcing your messages

If students hear a similar message from multiple sources they are far more likely to buy in. Wigsbury Zoom In provides your community with that triangulation point.

Understanding the other perspective

By hearing other voices, your community will start to understand what and who great universities are looking for.

The best way to learn about Wigsbury is to try it for free!

60 day trial. No credit card required,

wigsbury counselor portal

Providing you with the resources you need to up your game.

Our Counselor Portal will provide you with additional resources 

The Wigsbury Counselor Portal will provide you with essential support resources

Putting you in charge

Wigsbury for schools is designed to empower counselors and help them save valuable time. We provide you with the resources you need to communicate and inform effectively.

Clear and simple

We’ll make sure that everything is at your fingertips when you need it most!

One click sharing with students, parents & colleagues

Our services are designed to be super simple to use. No complex log ins and usernames, just really quick and effective sharing.

Take advantage of our free trial.

60 day trial. No credit card required,
Subscriptions from $125.

wigsbury parent portal

Ensure that families are engaged & empowered.

Keep your parents informed of what’s coming up and enable them to become active partners.

Our Parent Portal keeps parents up-to-date with what’s important

Providing parents with the reassurance they need

We’ve know that the more quality information schools can share with their parents the easier life is!

We’ll help you keep your parents informed, supportive and connected to the process of university entrance.

Focusing on issues that matter to parents

Funding, social wellbeing, visas and accommodation are just some of this issues that are high priorities for your parents. We put them front and center in our portal.

Discover a procactive and easy way to support your parents.

60 day trial. No credit card required,

Expert advice families can trust

Introducing Jeremy Handcock

Introducing Jeremy Handcock

Expert IB University Admissions Counselor, Wigsbury.com


Jeremy is a globally renowned expert with over 30 years of working with the very best European International Schools. He is an expert in supporting students and families finding the very best further education outcomes.

A voice your community can trust.

Jeremy has the ability to share complex ideas in a way which is accessible to parents and students alike. The quality of the content in Wigsbury is consistently high and I would recommend this platform to all IB schools wanting to improve community engagement and student outcomes.

Neil Tomalin

Head of School & IB Educator

wigsbury live

Questions? We can help to find the answers.

Wigsbury Live allows you & your community to chat with an expert and get the answers that you need.

wigsbury colleagial updates

Keep your teaching team in touch with your students’ reality

Subject teachers often forget the stresses and strains that students are under. We will help you keep your colleagues in touch with your timeline.

Colleagial updates are included with all our paid plans

Quality information that your colleagues will enjoy

Once a month updates that allow you to share an update on the admission cycle in a way that is engaging and effective.

Help your colleague understand the pressure points

All teachers believe that their subject is the most important. Help your colleagues understand that the lives of your G10 -12 students is more complex that it used to be.

Get sharing. Try our services free of charge and without obligation.

60 day trial. No credit card required,
Subscriptions from $125.

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