Country for country university requirements for IBDP course selection

    Some universities will make requirements for specific HL courses to be taken in order to gain entry to certain programs of study.
    More information can be found on individual university websites or at the IB’s recognition website.

    United Kingdom – UK universities will generally require the IB Diploma, with specific courses and course results at Higher Level. These requirements vary by university and course of study, and students are encouraged to research these. Some UK universities will accept students with a High School Diploma alone, particularly for Foundation Courses.

    United States – US universities will generally require only the High School Diploma + SAT/ACT scores, although an IB Diploma may be considered a bonus for admissions committees. Top US universities will require either AP Subjects or the IB Diploma.

    Canada – Canadian national universities will generally require the IB Diploma, although some may accept students with the High School Diploma + SAT scores. Canadian universities will generally require Maths Analysis (SL or HL) or Maths Applications (HL) for courses with Mathematics as a prerequisite.

    Netherlands – Dutch national universities will require the IB Diploma, although a few Hogescholen (Universities of Applied Sciences) accept the High School Diploma alone. Some Dutch universities will not recognize maths applications standard level for entry to certain subjects.

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