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The Ultimate Guide to Studying Hospitality

About this ultimate guide

Working in hospitality is an attractive career with a wide range of employment options and significant earnings potential. In this Wigsbury Ultimate Guide we take a look at all you need to know to see if are a good fit for studying hospitality along with all you need to know and do in order to make a successful application the university of your dreams. This is a ‘must’ for anyone wanting to enter this exciting world!

Perfect for: International Students studying IB Diploma, ‘A’ levels, AP & High School Diploma from Accredited Schools.

4hrs+ of video content

46 Quizzes & Downloads

11 months of guidance

4.91/5.0 Rating (72 reviews)

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Meet the Lead Author:

Jeremy Handcock is one of the world’s leading university guidance counsellors. His career spans over 30 years and he has worked at some of the top European international schools.  Jeremy is highly regarded by universities globally and has an extensive network  in the field. More about Jeremy here.

Jeremy Handcock

International University Counselling Expert