Gaining financial aid in the USA if you are not American

Financial Aid for Non-US Citizens

There may be some scholarships and other aid you can get. 

  • Check with your country’s government to see what they offer.
  • E mail the college you plan to attend and ask whether they offer any  aid for international students 
  • Check out the  Education USA Financial Aid
  •   Many colleges provide institutional financial aid to international students. If it is the college’s own money, they get to choose who they  give it to. If it is federal/state tax money then in almost all cases it will be  restricted to US citizens.
  • Some colleges will automatically give merit based aid based on IB  grades (check each  college’s website as this varies considerably).

CSS Profile This form is similar to FAFSA (for US Citizens) and collects information about your family’s income, assets, and expenses. This helps  individual colleges ascertain if you qualify for their financial aid.

CSS Profile form Financial Aid 

Many colleges provide institutional financial aid to international students. 

A great place to start: 

Financial Aid Calculator on College’s own website… 

Most international students fund themselves with a mixture of grants/ loans from their own government, money from their parents, scholarships or loans from individual universities. 

Look at the price differences from one state to another, and between private universities and publicly funded universities. Shop around, you can save a lot of money.