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Introducing Wigsbury Basecamp

Focused on Success

Clear messages based on deep knowledge are a conveyor belt to success.

Holistic Approach

We reinforce your school’s messages (Principals, DP Coordinator, Counselors, teachers etc.) providing an authoritive triagulation point.

Designed around You

Our service is design sprecifically for IBDP schools running a N. Hemisphere calendar. Everything we do, we do it for you.


Just in Time

Month by month, drip feed content lets students and parents know what they need to be doing, now.

Positive Parent Impact

Parents love Wigsbury because it gives them what they want, when they need it.

Easily Accessible

Loads of video content and an easy to understand stucture means that students and parents from all language backgrounds can easily access and revisit our content.

Almost Zero Admin

Universal logins, and premade content means the only work for your team is to forward on our monthly student, parent & faculty newsletters. Easy!


Great Value

$195 a month. Unlimited users and full acceess to everything in our site. Nobody offers more value at this low price.

Basecamp provides clarity in a world of information overload

A holistic, student & family centered approach

Counseling modules

Traditional counseling subjects (with a twist) form the core of the Wigsbury platform. Our unique format communicates in a way that is certain to be heard.

IBDP units

Students do not live in isolation. Part of the challenge for students and parents alike is to like the academic decisions (in an IB world  that is not so familiar) to college acceptance and success. Our DP modules help families understand.

Emotional & social wellbeing modules

All too often schools neglect to take the really important issues seriously… Wigsbury understands that in the end, transitioning to university is really an emotional activity and we take that seriously.

Parent specific modules

We help parents making informed decisions about when they need to be proactive and when to step away. Our modules address issues that matter most to parents.

Finance & practical modules

The practical stuff matters… a lot. Choices are controlled by nationality, financial background, nationality etc. These issues form some of the most popular modules in Wigsbury.

Special focus areas

Every month we take big issues and explore them site-wide. Be it ‘Dealing with Procrastination’ or ‘Staying focused’, we address issues that matter to the young people at your school.

all of this, and…

Expert interviews

Wigsbury interviews experts to help parents and students easily understand the detail.

Wigsbury Live

Wigsbury Live is a live webinar platform that allows parents to ask questions on a diverse range of subjects including Safety & Security, Practicing your Faith, Financing Studies & Visas & Nationality.

Tips & Tricks for families

We share all of those important tips and tricks that make the significant difference.  Real value add from the experts.

The best way to learn about the Community Platform is to try it for free!

Take a look at a sample unit…

Parents love our resources!

Overdeliver to your parents and impress them with your commitment


Parent Engagement


Parent Approval Rating


Increase in positive outcomes

Transparent timelines, aligned with yours…

  • Z

    In February you need to be:

    G10 – Finding out about SATs & ACT
    G10 – Choosing your IB Diploma subjects
    G11 – Learning about Financial Aid
    G11 – Thinking about which college is right for you.
    G11 – Exploring how to approach choosing a course.
    G12 – Exploring course swapping as a possible option.
    G12 – Learning about UCAS Extra

  • Z

    In March you need to be:

    G10 – Thinking about making you summer great!
    G11 – Preparing for applications
    G11 – Preparing for UCAS Personal Statements
    G11 – Learning about US College essays
    G11 – Preparing for SATs (if you really need to)
    G12 – US acceptance decisions
    G12 – UK acceptance decisions

  • Z

    In April you need to be:

    G10 – Preparing for next year!
    G11 – Thinking about motivation letters.
    G11 – Learning about building a strong resume/CV.
    G11 – Finding out about internships.
    G12 – Making your final choices.
    G12 – Thinking about visas and nationality.

and onwards throughout the whole cycle…

Easy to digest modules

Modules that are designed to be consumed!

100+ units delivered when they are needed

Covering the last three years of high school

Monthly newsletters that keep everyone engaged

Easily keep everyone going in the right direction.

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Expert advice families can trust

Introducing Jeremy Handcock

Introducing Jeremy Handcock

Expert IB University Admissions Counselor,


Jeremy is a globally renowned expert with over 30 years of working with the very best European International Schools. He is an expert in supporting students and families finding the very best further education outcomes.

A voice your community can trust.

Jeremy has the ability to share complex ideas in a way which is accessible to parents and students alike. The quality of the content in Wigsbury is consistently high and I would recommend this platform to all IB schools wanting to improve community engagement and student outcomes.

Neil Tomalin

Head of School & IB Educator