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Wigsbury is the premium resource for families, counselors and schools who want to make the transition to higher education even more successful.

Accessing the best universities on the globe

Introducing Wigsbury Basecamp

Guiding families on the journey from Grade 10 to university

Make the investment in education pay dividends

Parents, students and schools invest all they can to ensure that the transition to higher education is a seamless one. Take a look and see how Wigsbury Basecamp can turn the last few steps into leaps and bounds!

100+ units delivered when they are needed

Covering the last three years of high school

Resources crafted to be accessible and make a real difference

Our expert team guides families through the process of successfully transitioning from school to the very best universities around the globe. Concrete, timely support which will keep everyone on target and focused on the goal ahead.

See what you could be getting!

This month in Wigsbury Basecamp

Family subscriptions $25
School subscriptions $195

Affordable for families and schools alike

Basecamp for Schools

Enhancing school programs
  • • Wigsbury Counselor Portal
  • • 24/7 Parent Portal
  • • 24/7 Student Basecamp
  • • Monthly Student Newsletters
  • • Monthly Parent Newsletters
  • • Monthly Faculty Updates
  • • Monthly Counselor Newsletters
  • • Wigsbury Zoom In
  • • Wigsbury Live
  • • Risk Free 60 day trial
  • No payment details required.

Some frequently asked questions, answered

Family Plans

What am I signing up for?

You are signing up for a monthly subscrition to Basecamp, our digital counseling service.

There is a 15 day free trial period and you will automatically billed at the end of this period. You may cancel your subscripion at any time.

How does the free trial for families work?

We offer a 15 day free trail and in this period you will not be charged for anything. After, that you will automatically billed on a monthly basis.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time and will not bill you for the next subscription payment. Subscription payments already collected will not be refunded.

Can I sign up for multiple free trials?

No. Only one free trial per family! 


How do I sign up for personalized counseling support?

Visit our families page to get more details of the plans that we offer.


Can you get my child into Oxford (or Harvard)?

The answer to this question is, maybe!

The short answer is if you are interested in the big name universities, then we suggest you sign up for the Platinum Plan.

We do our best to get students to the university of their dreams but cannot guarantee anything. Quite honestly, getting into one of the big name universities on earth requires an awful lot of stars to be aligned!

The student has to be really smart and very motivated. If you are not a local national, then the family will need to have money. You will need to choose you courses well and put a great application together and, let’s be honest, be a bit lucky. We can do a lot to help and your chances are increased greatly if you have the right support, but there can be no promises.



School Services

What am I signing up for?

When you sign up for a free trial you will gain full access to our digital platform, Basecamp for a period of 60 days. You will also be contacted by one of out team who will support you and your school to get the most from our services.

There is no obligation to purchase.

Do I need to submit a credit card?

No. If you decide to extend your subscription beyond the free trial period we will invoice your school though the normal invoicing procedures.

No credit card required.

Can we sign up for multiple free trials?

No. Only one free trial per school!


Over delivering to students, families & schools

Focused on Success

Providing concrete, timely ideas and actions that lead to real success.

Tips & Tricks

Expert ideas that make students stand out from the crowd.

Just when you need it

If we are talking about it you can be sure it is important, now.


Quick dip or in-depth

You choose if you want a quick video or a long, detailed texts. We offer both!

Together, better

We all do better when we work together.


Monthly focus points

Cover areas that matter like, procrastination and focusing under stress.


Parent to parent units

Sharing the things that matter to Mums & Dads.

Not just academic

What school’s often get is that the ‘other stuff’ is often more important!


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