How important is the choice of subjects when applying to Oxford?

So so it is it’s very important and like you said, admission rates for subjects do vary greatly. And so for example, you know, you have some subjects like at Oxford, something like Economics and Management, theology and religion might have something like I don’t know, 35 – 40% acceptance rate so if you do look at the numbers, you can see, actually, if you’re applying for this subject, maybe you’re more likely to get a place than another subject. However, the admissions tutors are looking for students who have a genuine enthusiasm for the subject. So there’s no point applying for Oriental Studies because you see they’ve got a 30% success rate and you’ve got no good chance of getting in because you’re going to be one of the 70% who does doesn’t get in, if actually, you have no interest in this subject. And on the other hand, though, I mean, it’s worth looking at. So you, you don’t want to, you know, apply for some of the top subjects like Economics and Management, PPA, just because you’ve heard it’s a good course. And really think carefully about your subject choice. Really think about what you enjoy learning what you have read about in your free time, what you’re going to really fly about in a university environment. And I would say, don’t look at the statistics, think about yourself, think about what your, what your interests are, and what you’re most likely to impress a tutor with your knowledge about.