Specific application advice for applying for business courses

Look at your grades and match them to the grades the university is demanding.

  • Find a degree that includes a placement year – where you can go and work in a company to gain experience.
  • Look carefully at the course content, not all business degrees are the same.
  • Does the university offer the breadth of opportunity that you are looking for?
  • How extensive is the list of electives?
  • Look to see where students have gone to work after graduating
  • Does the university have a careers service to help you get that first job?
  • How strong is the alumni network at the university?

Specific skills and CV building advice:

  1. Go and work in a company during the summer vacation
  2. Join the business club in school – if you don’t have one, found one.
  3. Participate in activities where you can develop your soft skills, particularly skills such as teamwork and communication skills.