The changing world of business

Is business an office job? Or do I get to travel and meet other people?

In answer to this is yes and no. More and more companies are downsizing the office space, and allowing or requiring employees to work either partially or entirely from home. This offers you the flexibility of living away from the hub of a traditional large city.

As for the glamour of jetting around the world, staying in five-star hotels, being wined and dined in top restaurants; well yes this still happens but will it continue like this? Businesses have discovered recently that more and more can be done with online meetings, this plays a significant role in cost-cutting. Recent surveys show that people are more productive working from home; just think about the amount of time spent travelling from home to the office and back. Think about how much office time is used up chatting with colleagues, taking a coffee break or just wandering around building. 


The Covid 19 crisis has compelled businesses to look at new and creative ways of working. It has given a boost to companies in certain sectors. E.g. online shopping, logistics companies and many others. 

You will be a part of this new world of business, it is full of exciting opportunities for you. There will be jobs available in five years that have not even been invented yet.


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