The formula for a good personal statement

Yeah. But I think the biggest piece of advice that that kind of from, from my experience, and if that make sure it’s a personal statement, there’s no formula to a good personal statement, what the tutors want to see is that it’s they want to see it’s true to you. And they really want to hear a bit about you, and a bit about your kind of journey towards applying to this subject that you’ve chosen. And there’s no they’re not taking off things for the personal statements. And, and it’s just fun to get a bit of a picture about you that too. And it’s often with Oxford, we often use the personal statements, I say, we actually I don’t work there anymore. And Oxford often use the personal statements while in interview too, so it’s there, to, it’s almost like a way you can control a little bit about what might get spoken about in interview. So you’ve written about a book that you’ve read and really enjoyed. Maybe they’ll ask you about it, maybe they’ll talk to you about it, and it’s and it’s an area that you should feel comfortable with. And it’s something you should feel comfortable talking about it. So make sure it’s personal.