What are top reasons why a student chooses a particular college?

Really, really. I mean, many people apply for college because, you know, they know someone who went to that college, for example. This is a great college, it was my college. For no reason at all people kind of seem to have affinities to their college and if you’re a student at Oxford, even if you know you get reallocated, you didn’t choose the college that you got to place out but you got put there, you’ll end up loving your college. I think everybody really feels a strong attached attachment to the college that they’re in. And when they leave, they always tend to recommend their college as the best college to go to. But some people you know, look at the accommodations Some people will look at the funding available, you know, different colleges might have some different pots of money to help students with different things. And some colleges might be in a good location. So the colleges right in the center of town often are very popular. Because you don’t have to travel too far. But then some people love the colleges on the outskirts of town where you’ve got more greenery and you’re out a little bit more in the countryside. And various reasons that