What is collegiate system?

Yes, absolutely. So Oxford is a university. It’s a very big university. How Whether the university is made up of about 30 different colleges, and each student is part of the university, so every student is a part of the University of Oxford, and everybody will come away with a degree certified from the University of Oxford. However, you’re also part of the college too. And every student will have a college that they started in. And pretty much always you stay with that college for the full time of your degree at Oxford, a college is kind of like a mini campus. So it’s where you live, they have accommodation, it’s where you probably eat a lot of your meals, most of them have kind of college contains, they will there will be libraries, there’ll be social facilities in the canteen, so there’s a bar, a common room where you can meet people and relax. And the college is also there for welfare support, too. So the college one of the advantages of the college system is that you’re part of a very small community in a big university. So the college will be I guess, the first thing you get to know so you’ll get to know people from your college tutors in your college, the welfare staff in your college, and it’s usually very close knit communities. So these colleges are interdisciplinary, they are not focused on particular subjects. So the colleges will be made up of students study in a variety of different science, subjects, humanities, sciences, all mixed up. And so colleges don’t specialize in subject areas. You’re also a member of your department. So this is another third third part you’re you’re a member of. So you remember for college, but also your department and your department is where your subject sits. And it’s your department that will organize the course content. So the things you study on your course, the department will organize lectures, seminars, labs, if you’re doing a science subject. So your course doesn’t change whatever college that you are based in to the college is more Actually, it’s it’s an experience, it’s a social experience. It’s a welfare experience. It’s more of this, like small community within a large university. And when it comes to college choice, you can choose a college if you want to. But you don’t have to. And I think this is a really important thing, because many students worry or many applicants worry Should I apply to a college is it going to help my application or not helped my application? Really, I’d say don’t stress about it, don’t don’t worry about the college choice. Look into the differences between the colleges, those because there are differences. So some colleges are bigger than others. And some colleges might have more students doing your subject than others. So like I said, they don’t specialize in subjects, but you might find one college has 10 students doing your subjects, one college might have four students doing your subject. So maybe you want to see how you know how many people you’ll be with in your subject, maybe there’s different facilities that you’re looking for. So one college might have a good sports facility for a particular sport. Or it might have, for example, it might be better known for the food in the dining hall than another college. So you can do your research. And you can look at the differences between the colleges, the different prices of the accommodation, different accommodation available. And if you think this college really suits me, actually, it’s in the location that I want to be the accommodation looks great. I really love the library in this college and go for it apply for that college. But there’s no way of playing the system. We do a lot of reallocation throughout the application process. So you’re never guaranteed that you have a place at the college that you’ve applied to. Many people will get offered a place at a college they didn’t put that on their application form just for the fact that if you’re a good student, and the college doesn’t have a place, the University wants to offer you a place in another somewhere else in the university. So people get moved around all the time. So don’t say don’t stress too much about it. If you’re a good applicant. And the university wants to offer your place they will do and they’ll find a place for you at one particular college.