What makes a really strong Oxford application?

Firstly, you need to meet the entry requirements. So making sure that you do work hard, you have the grades that are required for the course that you are applying for, if you if you don’t, if you’re not predicted, or you don’t have the entry requirements needed, then you you won’t be accepted. And other than that, though, it’s not just the entry, it’s not just the academic grades that the university is looking for. And they’re also looking at your subject choice. So whether you’ve really picked a subject that you’re interested in, and that you have the enthusiasm to study. And so this is something you can show in your personal statements. And they want to see this interest in the subject and also concrete examples and how you’ve explored this subject and how you’ve developed your curiosity in this area. And there’s also other parts of the application process, as I’m sure you’re aware of. So there’s the admissions test, the admissions test is, again, a very important part. And a strong applicant will usually have done well in this test. So this is something that you really need to familiarize yourself with, and practice. And there’s different tests for different subjects. So do make sure that you are, you know, what you have to do and you know, the format, and you are you are prepared for what you’re what you’re going to take. And then lastly, the interview. So the interview is also another part of the application process where the academic tutors who are doing the selection, are really looking for students who, again, have this enthusiasm for their subject, and are able to talk to discuss, to kind of critically examine the subject in his in a spoken form to. So it’s making sure that you are familiar with all areas of the application process, you’re prepared for them. And I guess we’ll talk a little bit later about maybe ways you can prepare. And you have worked hard, and you’ve picked a subject that you really want to study.