What skills do I need to be successful in business?

You are probably unaware that you already possess a lot of useful soft skills that are sought-after in the world of business. Take a look at this list below

  • Writing skillsthis is something you do every day. Consider how effective your writing is, and ways you could improve it.
  • Language skills –  In addition to English, you probably speak one or more other languages.
  • Presentational skills – You will already have given presentations in class and during the two years of the IB diploma program you’ll be called upon to do this frequently.
  • Self-management and independent learning –  including planning and meeting deadlines. You will definitely practice these skills in the IBDP!
  • Communication, spoken and written – You do this every day in school.
  • Ability to present ideas logically –  Every time you present something in class you’ve had to plan it so it flows logically and  makes sense to the audience.
  • Team work – Your teachers often require you to work as a team on a project or assignment.
  • Leadership – Maybe you’ve taken the lead in preparing a presentation in class, or maybe outside the class in a sports team for example.
  • Problem-solving – Problem based learning is commonly used in the IB diploma program, as well as lower down the school.
  • Data analysis – Think about your math class. Economics class?
  • Ability to be self-critical – Self -reflection/feedback is something you’ve encountered in class already.
  • Numeracy – You don’t have to be a math genius, unless of course you want to specialize in accountancy/finance.
  • IT skills – proficiency in software such as Excel and PowerPoint. You can probably do more than this already. 
  • Research skills – You do research on an almost daily basis in most of your school subjects.