Writing a personal statement for multiple universities

Yeah, no, I would say don’t don’t just focus on the Oxford course. Because it could be that actually Oxford look at your personal statement a little bit less than other universities, and Oxford has these other parts of the admissions process, which has an impact on your, your chances of getting in, and the personal statement is there to show one thing. So it’s there to show you how I’ve got an interest in this subject, we don’t need the whole of the personal statement to be talking about your love of this subject only. Especially if you’re applying for different ones. I mean, I would advise not applying for completely different subjects at different universities. So if you applied for Economics and Management at Oxford, but then you’ve applied to biology, and at another university, this is going to be really hard to to put a personal statement together. So as long as it’s related to the subject, and you’ve got some information in there, about the subject that you’ve applied to tutors understand, and especially the subjects like PPE, like you said, or joint subjects, maybe you know, at Oxford, you’re applying to History and Economics, for example. But other universities, you’re just applying the history or you’re just applying for economics. And it’s okay to have most of your personal statement focused towards one thing or another. But universities know that students and not just applying to their university, so they don’t need to be fully focused on the just the subject you’re applying to at one university or Oxford.