Quick Tips

Some insider tips that make a real difference

Tip 1:

Think about US State Universities

They are substantially cheaper and may even compare favorably was some of the European countries e.g. UK

So you think a college/university education in the USA is too expensive? Take another look… 

University of Arkansas Little Rock 

International Students: Tuition USD 15,000 Living expenses USD 9,000.  Source: University of Arkansas- costs  

And this before any financial aid…

Tip 2:

Consider US Community Colleges

‘Overall, community colleges are less costly than four-year universities in the U.S., Parham says. According to the nonprofit College Board, the average tuition and fees for community college for 2018-2019 was $3,660, compared with $26,290 for a four-year university for out-of-state students.’ Source: US News – Community Colleges. 

Tip 3:

Consider combining them both!

Consider doing Years 1 and  2 of your degree at a Community College and then Years 3 and 4 at a state university. The total cost of your degree will be considerably less.

Compare Tuition costs by state:
‘In state v Out of state’, ‘Private v Public’

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