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I want to study a competitive subject at a prestigious university. Can I apply for a less competitive subject with lower admission requirements and then change to my original competitive subject once I have started at the University?

This, of course, is up to the university, but they are well aware that some students may try this. Remember, prestigious, competitive courses are always full. Will there be a place there for you?

I’m in my first year at university and I’ve realized that this is the wrong subject for me. What can I do?

Talk to your tutor and see if you can change subjects. This will depend on several factors, not least of which is: are you qualified for the new subject? If you are currently studying law, and you would  now like to do biochemistry, do you have the requisite science background?

If it’s not possible to change subjects within your university, then you can look to change to a different university, or you can drop out and reapply to start at the beginning of the next academic year in a new subject and/or new university.

I’m a first-year student at a university a long way from my hometown. I am missing my school friends and I find it hard to make new friends at university. Would it be a good idea to change to the university in my hometown so I can see my school friends?

Maybe, maybe not. Have your school friends gone away to university? Would they be around at the weekends? Have they made new friends at university? 

Everything changes when you go to university, it will not be like it was during your schooldays, even if you do return to your hometown.


I’m not happy at this university, the course is okay but I don’t like anything else about the place. Can I change University?

First of all you need to find a university that you like better than the one you are currently attending, then you need to contact that university and see if they will take you; you also need to talk to your  current university. Assuming both universities are okay with the idea, then you’ll have to do the paperwork, sort out paying the fees and look for housing.

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