Changing to a different university

If you’re not happy, or your circumstances have changed, you may be able to transfer to a different university or college to complete your studies. There are a number of things you’ll need to research and consider first:

  • Will the university or college you’re interested in accept transfers? Are there spaces on the course you want to join?
    You need to contact the university that you wish to move to and ask them if they accept transfer students. It may be that you have to reapply, possibly to start at beginning of the next academic year.
  • Do you meet the entry requirements for the course you want to transfer to?
    The university you want to move to may have higher academic entrance requirements than the university you are currently attending, or they may have subject specific requirements. You need to ensure that you meet their requirements.
  • Will you be able to start in the second or third year of a different course?
    You may be able to transfer directly into the second or third year of a degree course (sometimes referred to as ‘advanced standing’), if you’ve studied enough similar content elsewhere. This is not always possible, and you’ll need to check with the university. If the university requires you to make a new application, then you will need to enter Year 2 or Year 3 as your point of entry.
  • You’ll need to provide details of all the modules you’ve already studied, and any marks you received, even if you haven’t completed the year, or even if you have not done as well as you may have wanted to.
  • There is no guarantee you’ll be able to switch to another course at a different university, even if the courses are very similar – even if you apply to start in the second or third year, you may be made an offer to start in the first year.