Parents can be very supportive and very useful in this process, particularly if your son or daughter has decided to talk about some life changing moment. Now, it’s quite difficult sometimes for teenagers to remember with any great accuracy, what they did or thought when they were younger children, but you as a parent, of course, will remember that much more accurately and much better. And it’s useful to sit down and discuss these events with your son or daughter.

The other thing is that I would say this, that college admissions tutors would really like to hear a teenager’s voice coming through in the essay. So please, above all else, resist the temptation to either write or rewrite or heavily edit the essay because it then loses the sort of spontaneity and liveliness of a teenager writing it. It becomes a more formal piece of writing produced by an adult. And of course, finally, I think that just general help and support is always useful. and encouragement, encouraged them to start early with the essay writing process.