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What is the difference between SAT and ACT?

ACT also has a science paper. Please see below

How do I know if the University/College I want to apply to requires SAT/ACT?

You can go on the website of the University/College you are interested in applying to.


You can check the following website that gives an updated list of SAT/ACT optional universities and colleges. SAT/ACT Optional Units

If in doubt, email the University/College and ask.


Can I take both SAT and ACT?

Yes, but you need to make a timeline so that you have time to do this.

Where can I take a test?

Ask your counselor if your school is a test center. If it is not, then ask him/her to recommend a nearby Test Center. There is a full list of test centers country by country here: 

SAT test centers 

ACT test centers


How do I register to take the test?
How much does the test cost?

The SAT costs $49.50 and the SAT with Essay costs $64.50 if you are in the USA. Regional fees are added if you are outside the USA….approximately $50 extra

See here for list of costs. SAT cost 


ACT (No Writing Test)   $55

ACT with writing $70


When should I take the test?

You need to make a timeline. You will be applying to US  colleges in the fall of your senior year  (Grade 12). This means that you should test during your junior year (Grade 11). You can also test again in the fall of your senior year if necessary. Forward planning is essential, do not leave anything until the last minute, as by then it may be too late.

How many test dates are there each year?

There are normally 7 test dates each year. However, it is best to check as sometimes test dates get cancelled or changed

SAT test dates

Can I take the test more than once?


How can I prepare for the test?

The are several prep books available. The best-known ones are published by Collegeboard, Princeton Review, Kaplan and ACT

SAT test prep

ACT test prep 


Are past papers available?

Yes, on the Collegeboard website   SAT sample questions 

And on the ACT website

ACT sample questions  

How long does the SAT test last?

3 hours + 50 minutes essay (optional)

How long does the ACT test last?

2 hours 55 minutes + 45 minutes essay (optional)


That is the question!

SATs or ACT. Which one are you planning to take?
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