Different course, same university

It may be possible to transfer to a different course at the same university, but you need to do some research and address the following questions:

  • Are there spaces on the new course?
    If there are no spaces  available on the course you would like to do,have a look at other courses that are available in the same department as they may still have spaces to fill.
  • Do you meet the entry requirements for the course you want to transfer to?
    Check to see if the new course has any specific prerequisites regarding which subjects you need to have studied before starting the course. E.g if you want to switch to an engineering course from a law course and you haven’t studied physics and maths at a high-level then you will not be able to make the change.
  • Would the departments involved agree to you transferring?
    You will most certainly need to talk to the course tutor of the new subject, as he will want to reassure himself as to your motivation and reasons for joining that subject and of course, if you are suitably academically qualified.
  • When can you transfer?
    Some universities place restrictions on when you are able to change. E.g. end the first semester or end of year.