In-depth guide to studying business

Tips for choosing the right business course

There are more business degrees on offer than almost any other subject, this presents you with the dilemma of which one to pick. Here are a few tips on things you should look for: Choose a degree at a university you’re excited about studying at. Find a degree that includes a placement year – a year where you can go and work in a company to gain experience. Look carefully at the course content, not all business degrees are the same. Does the university offer the breadth of opportunity that you are looking for? How extensive is the list of electives? Do you already have a particular goal in mind? Does the university have an extensive alumni network? 



Which one is right for you?

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DP Course Selection

How the IB assesses the Diploma

Students are scored on a scale of 1–7 points from results of examinations and coursework.  Subjects are graded according to the following scale: 7 Excellent  6 Very good  5 Good  4 Satisfactory  3 Mediocre  2 Poor  1 Very poor  N No grade  The TOK course and the...

Some of the background detail you may have missed


Introducing Sales

Sales teams make money for an organisation by selling its services or goods to either consumers  or other businesses. The revenue that a sales...