So you’re thinking of studying medicine…

What is business?!

You’ve decided you are interested in studying business, and you have probably met people who work in business; maybe your parents do.  But what exactly is business? It is a huge and diverse area offering interesting careers, the opportunity to travel all over the world working for a large multinational company, or maybe you and one of your friends want to found a startup? Between these two extremes in size there’s a multitude of different types of businesses and different openings for you.



Learn more about the different areas of medicine

Find out more about studying business…


Introducing Marketing

Marketing is the ‘soft sell’ part of a business. It’s about understanding why people choose products or services and what they want from those...


Introducing Sales

Sales teams make money for an organisation by selling its services or goods to either consumers  or other businesses. The revenue that a sales...

DP Course Selection

How the IB assesses the Diploma

Students are scored on a scale of 1–7 points from results of examinations and coursework.  Subjects are graded according to the following scale: 7 Excellent  6 Very good  5 Good  4 Satisfactory  3 Mediocre  2 Poor  1 Very poor  N No grade  The TOK course and the...

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